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Beginning 9th of January, 2016, haphazard presents “Greetings From LA: 24 Frames and 50 Years”, a new collection of photographic collage work by George Porcari. “Greetings” includes 24 large scale collage pieces. Each collage, titled by a location and a year, is comprised of a photographic image of Los Angeles organized around a blank space or “void” with similar scale and resonated by a graphic “footnote” at the bottom. The images are taken in Los Angeles between the years 1964 and 2015 and are not digitally manipulated. Like “The Americans” by Robert Frank, who was quoted to have said: “I leave it up to you. They don’t have an end or a beginning. They are a piece of the middle.”, “Greetings” is a collection of personal meditations on the world around us while exposing the emotional rhythms of Los Angeles in the middle.... (more)


George Porcari is an artist and photographer based in Los Angeles. Born in Lima Peru, George emigrated to LA in the 60’s and begun his lifelong vocation in observing, documenting and greeting his cities and his surroundings. Porcari attended Pratt Institute in Manhattan and Art Center of Design in Pasadena where he has also taught film history classes and worked as an acquisition librarian for many years. Porcari has exhibited widely and internationally since his very first solo show in New York back in 1988; and among them most recently with solo exhibitions at Tif’s Desk in 2012 and at China Art Objects in 2010. His numerous critical essays and other writings have appeared in such places as CINEAction, NY arts, Inflatable Magazine and many others.


An exhibition catalogue is being published to commemorate the occasion. The catalogue will include “Greetings From LA” and essays by George Porcari, Jorge Pardo, Sylvère Lotringer, Veronica Gonzalez-Peña and Colin Blodorn.

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